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A Vending Machine Business That Delivers

We must admit that a vending machine can be a huge stress reliever especially if you’re some place isolated and there’s no convenience store in sight. A vending machine can be a huge magic box where all the goodies you want will pop out, literally! Those colorful candies and mouth watering chocolates are such a joy to see by anyone. And this is why it can be one of the most lucrative and stable ways of generating income. The vending machine business is booming, will continue to do so and may even replace some high maintenance stores in the next few years.

As Easy As One, Two, Three

A vending machine business is perfect for those who want something in high demand yet easy to maintain. Depending on the location, a vending machine can cause some apprehension in terms of security and maintenance but knowing these few do-it-yourself tips when managing a vending machine can save you a lot of time and money. Here’s how:

  • Test Vend – As with any other business involving a machine, it is important to check that all systems are up, running and working properly. A new yet non-working vending machine can be a source of frustration from a customer who’s been dying to get a drink. Make sure the coin acceptor works, as well as all the buttons for choosing the product.
  • Keep spare parts and tools handy – fixing common repairs on your vending machine is a must. If it’s a used one, best to buy a second one to use as a replacement; saving damaged machines for parts.
  • Place a maintenance number on the machine – it’s crucial and makes the customers feel they can contact someone right away just in case problems arise.
  • Keep it Clean – a dirty and vandalized vending machine can discourage customers. Using a wash cloth and glass cleaner is all you need to regularly keep it clean.

Not all vending machines are alike. The classic old school ones are less complicated but the higher-end vending machines entail a new form of maintenance. This is what Orlandovending service provides. So what does a vending service provider or vending machine service actually do? Three main responsibilities: maintenance, machine stocking and service. As maintenance experts they regularly oil moving parts, keep necessary parts clean and replace worn components when needed. Machine stocking of course involves replenishment of vending machine products. While servicing is all about repair and or replacement of damaged machine parts, Orlando provides all these fast, reliable and top quality services. Their state of the art modern vending machines are customized based on your needs for your vending machine business.

What’s more when you sign up under Orlando vending service, all the above mentioned services are free! Since our machines are top quality, we can assure that our staff and crew can handle your machine concerns with technological skills and mechanical aptitude. Call us and we will answer all your questions to start your vending machine business as soon as possible!

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