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Orlando Vending Machine: Features and Benefits

a1vending1If you are looking for well-maintained and customized vending service that will satisfy your employees’ beverage and food needs, look no further: Orlando vending service is the perfect choice for you. Orlando Vending allows the customer to handpick the food and drink selections. This enables Orlando’s valued clientele to modify the machine’s selections every so often. Appetizing selections can be chosen depending on your employees’ preferences. All of their machines have cutting –edge technology installed in them. Also, Orlando vending machines offer faster, more convenient transactions by accepting not only cash but credit card payments as well.

Orlando vending machines accept $5 bills, $1 bills, coins and “swipe to pay”. The best thing about this technology is you can skip ironing bills, and looking for loose change. You can just use PayRange. This app will connect the buyer and the machine. All you need to do is to swipe your smartphone in front of the vending machine. Rest assured, no personal information will be sent by the machine. Your credit card numbers will not be stored on the servers, ensuring customer’s security. The machines can handle heavy traffic locations. There will be no hassle on the part of the buyer when asking for a refund. You will get your money’s worth with our products.

There will be times when your employees need a little break during their busy workday. To help them unwind, a cold or hot drink may help.  Orlando is a full service vending company that serves the following areas:

Orange County, Lake County, Osceola County and Seminole County.

Any business whether big or small is accepted.


Here is a brief list of benefits you can look forward to with Orlando:

  • Personalized healthy snacks and brand names
  • No extra charge for installation and move-in
  • Special requests can be handled
  • Competitive pricing
  • No hassle because work will be done by Orlando’s employees
  • Free vending machines
  • Regularly scheduled route
  • Uniformed employees
  • Friendly staff
  • Newer machines
  • Local company
  • New technology
  • Free set up
  • Best pricing
  • Mobile Pay and Apple Pay accepted

a1vending3If you want healthy foods; simply ask. They can fill the vending machine with healthy snacks that are good for your employees. Beverage machines and healthy snacks can be provided depending upon your location.

Al Vending machine business has years of experience in different areas. They are the best choice because of their long list of clientele and knowledge in the business. They can tell you the appropriate size of vending machine for your office. They accept all customers whether it is a multinational company or a start-up. Contact them at a1vending.com and choose the right vending machine business for you.

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