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Altamonte Springs Vending Machine Services handles all vending machine stocking, service, and maintenance at no charge. Personal service customized for your needs — healthier snacks and special requests are no problem. All of our Altamonte Springs vending machines accept coins, $1 bills, $5 bills, and also have ‘Swipe to Pay.’  There is no longer any need for a change machine, loose change, ironing bills straight, or rubbing your card’s magnetic stripe across your pants. When using your smartphone, about arm’s length from the machine, the App will automatically connect to the machine and the buyer simply “swipes” their smart phone to pay.  No personal information is sent to the machine. The machine never stores or records credit card numbers on our machines or with our card processing carrier. We have machines with the latest technology available to handle heavy traffic locations. No hassle refunds. You will never lose money with us.

A Vending Machine Business that Delivers

We must admit that a vending machine can be a huge stress reliever especially if you’re some place isolated and there’s no convenience store in sight. A vending machine can be a huge magic box where all the goodies you want will pop out, literally! Those colorful candies and mouth watering chocolates are such a joy to see by anyone. And this is why it can be one of the most lucrative and stable ways of generating income. The vending machine business is booming, will continue to do so and may even replace some high maintenance stores in the next few years.

As Easy As One, Two, Three

A vending machine business is perfect for those who want something in high demand yet easy to maintain. Depending on the location, a vending machine can cause some apprehension in terms of security and maintenance, but knowing these few do-it-yourself tips when managing a vending machine can save you a lot of time and money. Here’s how:

  • Test Vend – As with any other business involving a machine, it is important to check that all systems are up, running and working properly. A new yet non-working vending machine can be a source of frustration from a customer who’s been dying to get a drink. Make sure the coin acceptor works, as well as all the buttons for choosing the product.
  • Keep spare parts and tools handy – fixing common repairs on your vending machine is a must. If it’s a used one, best to buy a second one to use as a replacement; saving damaged machines for parts.
  • Place a maintenance number on the machine – it’s crucial and makes the customers feel they can contact someone right away just in case problems arise.
  • Keep it Clean – a dirty and vandalized vending machine can discourage customers. Using a wash cloth and glass cleaner is all you need to regularly keep it clean.

Not all vending machines are alike. The classic old school ones are less complicated but the higher-end vending machines entail a new form of maintenance. This is what Orlandovending service provides. So what does a vending service provider or vending machine service actually do? Three main responsibilities: maintenance, machine stocking and service. As maintenance experts they regularly oil moving parts, keep necessary parts clean and replace worn components when needed. Machine stocking, of course, involves replenishment of vending machine products. While servicing is all about repair and or replacement of damaged machine parts, Orlando provides all these fast, reliable and top quality services. Their state of the art modern vending machines are customized based on your needs for your vending machine business.

What’s more, when you sign up under Orlando vending service, all the above mentioned services are free! Since our machines are top quality, we can assure that our staff and crew can handle your machine concerns with technological skills and mechanical aptitude. Call us and we will answer all your questions to start your vending machine business as soon as possible!

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Importance of Healthy Vending Machines

Healthy Vending Machine

Kids, specifically students in the United States, love snacks that they are getting from vending machines. This is because vending machines are made to allow customers to get snacks and drinks from a machine that comes with various payment methods. It gives customers, especially kids at schools, the liberty to choose whatever they want for a snack at lunch time. The problem is: most vending machines only offer what our parents call, “junk food” or carbonated soda with high sugar content which is not good for growing and studying kids. These vending machines even have candies and chips that have no vitamins and minerals which are, unfortunately, the snacks loved by most students because they taste delicious. The good news is: some of the schools in the United States are beginning to remove those conventional vending machines and replace them with revolutionary healthy vending machines. You read it right. “Healthy vending machines”! When the Obama administration introduced the usage of these types of vending machines in schools in the United States, it was met with mostly negative reactions from students, stating that the move has ruined their childhood. These students are claiming that the move of installing healthy vending machines has taken away the fun they are enjoying during snack or lunch time.On the other hand, the US government’s move to encourage schools to install healthy vending machines, available at AI Vending, has gained growing support from parents, teachers, and health experts because of the primary fact that these vending machines are offering healthier choices for students. Some of these choices include fruit juices, energy bars, and freshly-made potato chips. Also, some of these vending machines have ice-cold water in their choices instead of soda. Talk about healthy choices. For parents and teachers, the government’s move is a good one. However, educating the students about the benefits is like talking to a stone. In fact, some students have been posting their frustrations in social media, posting images and tweets about healthy vending machines being boring and less fun. Some are already smuggling junk food in their bags because it is no longer available inside the vending machines.

Healthy Vending

It’s extremely important that students in schools should make healthier choices when choosing what to eat or drink at school. However, taking away junk food, despite the negative effects it gives to students, won’t do any good. Forcing them into healthy food takes away their freedom to choose what they want. Instead of forcing them into patronizing healthy choices, students should be taught of the benefits of healthier food and drinks that are available inside the vending machines. That way, they can learn new things and they will now have the idea why they need to stay healthy. The healthier they are, the better performance they will deliver academically.

Healthy Vending Machines

On a regular basis, a simple vending machine offers easy-to-consume snacks such as potato chips, ice creams, and sodas. And generally speaking, vending machines are virtually everywhere from airports to train stations and bus stations; to malls and even in some offices. And nowadays, vending machines are even visible in some schools, big or small, especially in the United States. As you notice, those chips and sodas are considered junk food since they have less nutrients that students can get by consuming these type of food. But this junk food is what most students enjoy during recess and lunch breaks. What if there’s a possibility of seeing healthy vending machines like the ones offered by AI Vending in Orlando? Yep, that’s a possibility. In fact, some schools in the US have begun deploying healthy vending machines which offer healthier food and drink choices rather than chips and sodas. It may not catch the attention of students in schools but it’s a needed change especially with the alarming rise of obesity among American students. If you want to know the reasons why there’s a need for healthy vending machines in school, read them below along with explanations from the experts:

  1. There’s a recent study conducted by health experts in the United States stating that students who eat chips and candy from vending machines are performing poorly in school compared to students who don’t eat foods from vending machines. This study offers the explanation that junk food should be banned in schools because they do more harm than good to students.
  2. Gummy candies, chocolates, and other sweets generally found in vending machines inside the schools are high in sugar content, possibly higher than what is allowed by set standards. We all know what consuming too much sugar can do to our body. It can cause Diabetes; which is already common to students who are obese. It can also cause heart problems during the students’ adult years. Fatality rates due to complications of Diabetes are alarmingly rising.
  3. Replacing the conventional vending machines with healthy vending machines will force students to bring healthier foods for school. Or, it will teach students to choose healthy foods and drinks because it’s what’s best for them.
  4. Offering healthier choices inside vending machines will make students become more aware of what their body is consuming. This will encourage them to balance out their diet.

Healthy Vending SnacksHealthy vending machines are not popular choices especially among students in the United States. But if you exchange potato chips with fruit bars, and replace carbonated drinks with freshly-made fruit juices and shakes, you will be doing the students a favor. You are providing healthier choices. And the students might not appreciate it at first but at the end of the day, these healthy vending machines, with all those healthy snacks and drinks inside will make the students healthier and perform better in their studies because they are getting the needed nutrients from what they are consuming.

Phone App for Vending Machine Sales

We have all been there, standing at the vending machine, only to reach into your pocket to discover that you cannot feed your growling stomach because you don’t have the cash. Have you ever imagined the convenience of being able to use your mobile device to pay at the vending machine?

Introducing the NEW PayRange app for vending machines.

We live in a world of tech savvy consumers waiting for the next technology to change their lives. PayRange is filling the gap! The new PayRange app is making it easier than ever to pay at the vending machine by making paying on your mobile device as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. payrangeDownload the free PayRange app.
  2. Load your PayRange account with funds from your credit card account (or ApplePay).
  3. Launch the app and swipe payment at the vending machine.

We can easily add the PayRange system to any vending machine. …for an initial low cost investment.

PayRange vending machine technology will drastically increase your vending machine sales, worth the initial low cost investment. The initial investment (including the new PayRange components) and vending machine service is expected to cost $50-$100 per machine depending on the volume of machines being upgraded. All and all a very low cost for what you are receiving.

From soda machines, food vending machines, to coffee vending machines, the consumer now has the ultimate payment option.

The installation of PayRange technology is low cost and simple. The hardware is about the size of the average USB drive and easily plugs into the vending machine in just a matter of minutes. The new technology is expected to be installed on 1/3 of the countries vending machines for 2020. If your vending machines have the technology then you will get the mobile sales increasing your vending machine revenues. …if not then you could be losing sales.

Consumers demand cashless/mobile payment options on vending machines. Will your vending machines be there to serve them?

  • An estimated 73% of American’s own a mobile device.
  • There are more mobile devices connecting to the internet than computers.
  • According to Automatic Merchandiser Magazine an estimated 93% of all vending machines are cash only.
  • Vending machines generate an estimated $64,450,000 annually in the United States.
  • The average American spends $27 a year on vending machine products.
  • There is an estimated 5,000,000 vending machines in the United States.

The potential for cashless vending is endless. Convenience always equals more sales!

The cashless vending technologies business is growing into a multi-million dollar business with investors backing PayRange. PayRange is now the leading vending machine app in the world. The question now is, will you be along for the ride?

Contact us today to speak with us and learn more about how our vending machine services and PayRange will increase your vending machine sales. (407)492-1616


Dangers of a Damaged Vending Machine

A vending machine filled with snacks and drinks does many wonders especially for people who are commuting every day and are only able to take a break by getting something refreshing. This specific machine allows people to buy snacks and drinks they can consume while they are on their way to work or school. Just choose the item, insert the payment, and, voilà, you can indulge in your favorite potato chips or take a slurp of your favorite ice-cold soda in a snap. However, some people are just too abusive, especially when getting their goodies from a vending machine. In some instances, vending machines get punches and kicks from short-tempered customers; especially when their orders get stuck inside the machine after they’ve already paid for it. In fact, a malfunctioning vending machine gets mobbed by angry customers, making them so angry that they could literally carry the machine and throw it down in complete irritation. And, that could mean more problems for someone who is running a vending machine business in the heart of a busy city.

Coca Cola Vending MachineIn case you are unfortunate enough to witness someone who is kicking or punching a poor vending machine, never ever go near the machine itself; even if it’s still working. Let’s say, a student inserts his payment into the machine and the drink he chose doesn’t come out. There’s a tendency he will kick the machine to budge the stucked soda can.. Most of the time, it works. Unfortunately, it does more harm than good. If you use a damaged vending machine, there’s a high chance that it will malfunction further if you insist on getting something from it. Since most vending machines nowadays run on electricity, using a damaged vending machine, regardless of the intensity of the damage, might cause mild to severe electrocution which may lead to injury or even death; especially if the voltage is high. Or, if the damage is already too severe, there’s a chance that the machine will spark a fire or explode, causing more damage to life and property. Also, food inside a damaged vending machine might get contaminated due to chemical reaction from the packaging and the malfunction itself. Consuming food and drinks from a malfunctioning vending machine may cost digestive damage and other health problems such as vomiting and stomach aches.

Maintaining a vending machine business is never an easy job; especially if you see that your machine gets punched, kicked and even thrown by angry customers just because of a simple electrical malfunction that stopped the machine from working. It may be a worse situation if someone gets hurt because a malfunctioning vending machine or because they were rocking or kicking the machine. Before hiring a vending machine company make sure they take precautions insuring the machine is safe.

Need a snack vending machine, hot coffee or a cold beverage vending machine? You came to the right place. Orlando Vending has you covered with fast and quality service. Orlando Vending Service Altamonte Springs, FL is an owner operated business meeting and surpassing all your Altamonte Springs vending needs with new and modern equipment for providing vending services in Altamonte Springs Fl. and the surrounding Central Florida area.

Why not equip your location with the best and most state of the art Vending Machine Delivery” > Vending Machine Delivery No business is too big or too small.
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My crew and I are always moving fast. Sometimes our days start so early some employees do not always have time to prepare food or drinks. I was telling my wife how I end up having to buy food for some of the crew. She suggested getting the Vending machine for the store. That’s when I called Orlando Vending Service. Best business decision I have made in a while!Jackson Peters, Shipping Company

Been a manager at a warehouse for 30 years. My co-workers and I always had to walk really far for a drink of water. Every since my boss got the six Orlando vending machines for the warehouse, working here has been much better. I didn’t know what I was missing being able to grab a cold beverage anytime in the ware house!Mark Griffin, Law Firm

This has been the best investment for me and my employees. Usually a lot of the employees get back to their post late after a break (big no no). Because they would leave the factory for lunch when they didn’t pack one. When I got the food & beverage vending machines all that stopped! All machines always work well and always stocked. Many thanks.Miranda Waters, Factory

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It doesn't matter if your business is large or small, we can provide the perfect vending solution for you and your employees. The vending equipment we offer includes snack vending, soda vending, water and energy drink vending, coffee vending, cold food vending — all customized just for you. Eliminate the need to run out for a soda or go to the corner store for a snack. Keep your workers at work!