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Orlando Vending Service Apopka, Fl

With a combined 90 years of experience you can be sure to have the best vending service in Central Florida.

Free Vending Machines | No Hassles, We Do All the Work.

Apopka Vending Machine Services handles all vending machine stocking, service, and maintenance at no charge. Personal service customized for your needs — healthier snacks and special requests are no problem. All of our Apopka vending machines accept coins, $1 bills, $5 bills, and also have “Swipe to Pay.” no need for loose change, ironing bills straight, or rubbing your card’s magnetic stripe across your pants. When using PayRange about arm’s length from the machine, the App will automatically connect to the machine, and the buyer simply “swipes” their smart phone to pay. Learn more about Swipe to Pay here. No personal information is sent to the machine and it never stores or sees credit card numbers on our servers. We have machines with the latest technology available to handle heavy traffic locations. No hassle refunds. You will never lose money with us.

Need a snack vending machine, hot coffee or a cold beverage vending machine? You came to the right place. Orlando Vending has you covered with fast and quality service. Orlando Vending Service Apopka, FL is an owner operated business meeting and surpassing all your Apopka vending needs with new and modern equipment for providing vending services in Apopka FL and the surrounding Central Florida area.

Why not equip your location with the best and most state of the art vending machines in Apopka?  No business is too big or too small.
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My crew and I are always moving fast. Sometimes our days start so early some employees do not always have time to prepare food or drinks. I was telling my wife how I end up having to buy food for some of the crew. She suggested getting the Vending machine for the store. That’s when I called Orlando Vending Service. Best business decision I have made in a while!

Jackson Peters, Shipping Company

Been a manager at a warehouse for 30 years. My co-workers and I always had to walk really far for a drink of water. Every since my boss got the six Orlando vending machines for the warehouse, working here has been much better. I didn’t know what I was missing being able to grab a cold beverage anytime in the ware house!

Mark Griffin, Law Firm

This has been the best investment for me and my employees. Usually a lot of the employees get back to their post late after a break (big no no). Because they would leave the factory for lunch when they didn’t pack one. When I got the food & beverage vending machines all that stopped! All machines always work well and always stocked. Many thanks.

Miranda Waters, Factory

Try us, you will love us!

It doesn't matter if your business is large or small, we can provide the perfect vending solution for you and your employees. The vending equipment we offer includes snack vending, soda vending, water and energy drink vending, coffee vending, cold food vending — all customized just for you. Eliminate the need to run out for a soda or go to the corner store for a snack. Keep your workers at work!