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Best Vending Machine Snacks to Melt in Your Mouth

It’s 10:00, and yet two hours before lunch and your stomach is already growling! Fortunately, you know there’s a vending machine just a room away with your favorite snack… a bag of M&Ms! This popular candy is one of the best vending machine snacks known to man.

Where did M&Ms come from, anyway?

With an origin in the United States in 1941, M&Ms quickly became one of the most popular candies of the day. The candy was created by Mars, Inc. (creators of the Milky Way) in the United Kingdom. The concept of coating the chocolate to “melt in your mouth, not your hand” was inspired by the US military. It was the job of this “Mars” company to manufacture chocolate for the military, and they decided to coat in a hard candy shell to keep it from melting in transit.

Forrest Mars, the creator, was excited by the idea of keeping chocolate from melting and decided to share his idea with Bruce and William Murrie of Hershey in the USA. The partnership with these men resulted in a 20% share of profits going to Murrie, with the name to represent “Mars and Murrie.”

They were originally sold in cardboard tubes in various colors: brown, yellow, orange, red, green and violet. By the time the soldiers returned home, they were hooked on this new idea for candy.

Soon after wartime, the candy was released to the general public and Mars and Murrie took ownership of the “M&M” brand. We know M&M’s today in a brown package – surprisingly, that was the same package introduced in 1948! The printing of the small “m” on each candy began in 1950.

Who would have thought that a candy made for soldiers would be such a hit with kids as well as adults… and you can find it in the best vending machines in town…ours…
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Vending In OrlandoFortunately, you know that when you dive into this luscious treat, you don’t need to worry about “wearing the evidence” of a chocolate candy stain on your business suit! Mothers everywhere loved the idea that M&M’s won’t leave chocolate stains on the children’s outfits, and kids loved the pretty colors with small easy to handle little “buttons.”


That being said, this is a perfect vending machine snack because, like the soldiers in wartime, we don’t have to worry about melted chocolate because of the warm weather Orlando vending machine location.

Employees hitting the vending machine also take comfort in knowing that they can sneak a little snack – one at a time – without looking too conspicuous, and with total trust that this snack won’t be messing up the attire.

M&M’s became so popular that these best vending machine snacks soon started to stock different kinds of M&M’s….

In 1956, M&M’s gained the title of the number one candy in the country. Peanut M&M’s soon would follow, launching in 1954. Marketers encouraged customers to “look for the ‘m’ on every piece” to ensure the Mars and Murrie quality candy.

And now, this popular candy is easily brought to you with our convenient Orlando vending machine service, along with other varieties of the best vending machine snacks designed to “melt in your mouth!” In addition to Orange County, Orlando Vending Service and Vending Machines Services is now also serving Osceola, Seminole and Lake counties.

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