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30 Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

Have you ever noticed that when at work, there seems to be “no time” to make health a priority, especially when you know that there are no healthy vending machines around? Health care and finding ways to stay healthy at work has become a high priority with most companies, in view of the fact

Best Vending Machine Snacks to Melt in Your Mouth

It’s 10:00, and yet two hours before lunch and your stomach is already growling! Fortunately, you know there’s a vending machine just a room away with your favorite snack… a bag of M&Ms! This popular candy is one of the best vending machine snacks known to man. Where did M&Ms come from, anyway? With an

Vending Machines Services in Orlando Has a New Game Changer!

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There's a new vending machine app that is revolutionizing vending machines services in Orlando… Have you ever been standing at a vending machine, only to reach into your pocket to discover that you cannot feed your growling stomach because you don’t have the cash? Meanwhile, you’re checking your smart phone for messages… but wait… what

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Why Choose Us for Vending Services in Orlando and Clermont FL?

Within the last few years, our lifestyle has evolved to such an extent that technology may have started dominating our lives. Wherever we go, there are machines or computers to aid us in completing tasks of all sorts. For example, when we go to a store, we pay for it through a credit card

Orlando Vending Machine: Features and Benefits

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If you are looking for well-maintained and customized vending service that will satisfy your employees’ beverage and food needs, look no further: Orlando vending service is the perfect choice for you. Orlando Vending allows the customer to handpick the food and drink selections. This enables Orlando’s valued clientele to modify the machine’s selections every so

Importance of Healthy Vending Machines

Kids, specifically students in the United States, love snacks that they are getting from vending machines. This is because vending machines are made to allow customers to get snacks and drinks from a machine that comes with various payment methods. It gives customers, especially kids at schools, the liberty to choose whatever they want for

Healthy Vending Machines

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On a regular basis, a simple vending machine offers easy-to-consume snacks such as potato chips, ice creams, and sodas. And generally speaking, vending machines are virtually everywhere from airports to train stations and bus stations; to malls and even in some offices. And nowadays, vending machines are even visible in some schools, big or small,