Dangers of a Damaged Vending Machine

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Dangers of a Damaged Vending Machine

A vending machine filled with snacks and drinks does many wonders, especially for people who are commuting every day and are only able to take a 15 minute break by getting something refreshing.  This specific machine allows people to buy snacks and drinks they can consume while they are on their way to work or school. Just choose the item, insert the payment, and, voilà …  you can indulge in your favorite potato chips or take a slurp of your favorite ice-cold soda in a snap. However, some people are just too abusive, especially when getting their goodies from a vending machine. In some instances, vending machines get punches and kicks from short-tempered customers; especially when their orders get stuck inside the machine after they’ve already paid for it. In fact, a malfunctioning vending machine gets mobbed by angry customers, making them so angry that they could literally carry the machine and throw it down in complete irritation. And, that could mean more problems for someone who is running a vending machine business in the heart of a busy city.

Coca Cola Vending MachineIn case you are unfortunate enough to witness someone who is kicking or punching a poor vending machine, never ever go near the machine itself; even if it’s still working. For instance, let’s say a student inserts his payment into the machine and the drink he chooses doesn’t come out. There’s a tendency he will kick the machine to budge the stuck soda can. And, most of the time it works. Unfortunately, it does more harm than good. If you use a damaged vending machine, there’s a high chance that it will malfunction further if you insist on getting something from it. Since most vending machines nowadays run on electricity, using a damaged vending machine, regardless of the intensity of the damage, might cause mild to severe electrocution which may lead to injury or even death, especially if the voltage is high. Or, if the damage is already too severe, there’s a chance that the machine will spark a fire or explode, causing more damage to life and property. Also, food inside a damaged vending machine might get contaminated due to chemical reaction from the packaging and the malfunction itself. Consuming food and drinks from a malfunctioning vending machine may cost digestive damage and other health problems such as vomiting and stomach aches.

Maintaining a vending machine business is never an easy job; especially if you see that your machine gets punched, kicked and even thrown by angry customers just because of a simple electrical malfunction that stopped the machine from working. It may be a worse situation if someone gets hurt because a malfunctioning vending machine or because they were rocking or kicking the machine. Before hiring a vending machine company make sure they take precautions to insure that the machine is safe.

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