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Healthy Vending Machines

On a regular basis, a simple vending machine offers easy-to-consume snacks such as potato chips, ice creams, and sodas. And generally speaking, vending machines are virtually everywhere from airports to train stations and bus stations; to malls and even in some offices. And nowadays, vending machines are even visible in some schools, big or small, especially in the United States. As you notice, those chips and sodas are considered junk food since they have less nutrients that students can get by consuming these type of food. But this junk food is what most students enjoy during recess and lunch breaks. What if there’s a possibility of seeing healthy vending machines like the ones offered by AI Vending in Orlando? Yep, that’s a possibility. In fact, some schools in the US have begun deploying healthy vending machines which offer healthier food and drink choices rather than chips and sodas. It may not catch the attention of students in schools but it’s a needed change especially with the alarming rise of obesity among American students. If you want to know the reasons why there’s a need for healthy vending machines in school, read them below along with explanations from the experts:

  1. There’s a recent study conducted by health experts in the United States stating that students who eat chips and candy from vending machines are performing poorly in school compared to students who don’t eat foods from vending machines. This study offers the explanation that junk food should be banned in schools because they do more harm than good to students.
  2. Gummy candies, chocolates, and other sweets generally found in vending machines inside the schools are high in sugar content, possibly higher than what is allowed by set standards. We all know what consuming too much sugar can do to our body. It can cause Diabetes; which is already common to students who are obese. It can also cause heart problems during the students’ adult years. Fatality rates due to complications of Diabetes are alarmingly rising.
  3. Replacing the conventional vending machines with healthy vending machines will force students to bring healthier foods for school. Or, it will teach students to choose healthy foods and drinks because it’s what’s best for them.
  4. Offering healthier choices inside vending machines will make students become more aware of what their body is consuming. This will encourage them to balance out their diet.

Healthy Vending SnacksHealthy vending machines are not popular choices especially among students in the United States. But if you exchange potato chips with fruit bars, and replace carbonated drinks with freshly-made fruit juices and shakes, you will be doing the students a favor. You are providing healthier choices. And the students might not appreciate it at first but at the end of the day, these healthy vending machines, with all those healthy snacks and drinks inside will make the students healthier and perform better in their studies because they are getting the needed nutrients from what they are consuming.

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