Importance of Healthy Vending Machines

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Importance of Healthy Vending Machines

Healthy Vending MachineKids, specifically students in the United States, love snacks that they are getting from vending machines. This is because vending machines are made to allow customers to get snacks and drinks from a machine that comes with various payment methods. It gives customers, especially kids at schools, the liberty to choose whatever they want for a snack at lunch time. The problem is: most vending machines only offer what our parents call, “junk food” or carbonated soda with high sugar content which is not good for growing and studying kids. These vending machines even have candies and chips that have no vitamins and minerals which are, unfortunately, the snacks loved by most students because they taste delicious. The good news is: some of the schools in the United States are beginning to remove those conventional vending machines and replace them with revolutionary healthy vending machines. You read it right. “Healthy vending machines”!

When the Obama administration introduced the usage of these types of vending machines in schools in the United States, it was met with mostly negative reactions from students, stating that the move has ruined their childhood. These students are claiming that the move of installing healthy vending machines has taken away the fun they are enjoying during snack or lunch time.

On the other hand, the US government’s move to encourage schools to install healthy vending machines, available at AI Vending, has gained growing support from parents, teachers, and health experts because of the primary fact that these vending machines are offering healthier choices for students. Some of these choices include fruit juices, energy bars, and freshly-made potato chips.

Also, some of these vending machines have ice-cold water in their choices instead of soda. Talk about healthy choices! For parents and teachers, the government’s move is a good one. However, educating the students about the benefits is like talking to a stone. In fact, some students have been posting their frustrations in social media, posting images and tweets about healthy vending machines being boring and less fun. Some are already smuggling junk food in their bags because it is no longer available inside the vending machines.

Healthy Vending

It’s extremely important that students in schools should make healthier choices when choosing what to eat or drink at school. However, taking away junk food, despite the negative effects it gives to students, won’t do any good. Forcing them into healthy food takes away their freedom to choose what they want. Instead of forcing them into patronizing healthy choices, students should be taught of the benefits of healthier food and drinks that are available inside the vending machines. That way, they can learn new things and they will now have the idea why they need to stay healthy. The healthier they are, the better performance they can deliver in the academe. This is the importance of introducing students to patronizing healthy snacks.

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